Nova Strategic Alliance

We encourage innovation, excellence and collaboration – whether that’s through acquisition, negotiations or aligning ourselves with organizations that share our vision to set a new standard within the Healthcare industry.

Together as partners we make a change and tackle real world problems.

Who We Are?

We drive excellence in the industry sectors we specialize in and we seek the same with those we partner with.

We don’t just invest – we partner. No matter what level of conversations we have, we forge these relationships with organizations who are thinking about change and impact.

Our investments fuel growth – allowing us to reinvest in what really matters. People, places and the planet.

We don’t just imagine what if – we make it happen.

We are not just about the theory – we consider the facts, and the fact is that there are so many initiatives/injustices that need the support we can give.

We are in the business of people – not just shareholder returns. That is where the real value is made.

It is our responsibility as a business to use our resources and influence to make an impact in the healthcare sector.

Our Core Business Functions

Nova Health

Nova Health specializes in the provision of remote site medical care and support in complex and austere regions globally.

The world is a wildly varied and fast-changing place. Nova Health’s approach to healthcare is consultative as there is no “one size fits all” to protect our client’s workforce health, safety, security and wellbeing.

Nova Public Health

Nova offers a comprehensive range of initiatives and interventions designed towards sustainability to promote, protect, and improve the health and well-being of communities and populations on a large scale.

We partner with Government departments to design bespoke and tailored interventions across a range of health care services with the goal of each being to prevent diseases, prolong life, and enhance overall quality of life for individuals and communities.

Together as partners we make a change and tackle real world problems.

Nova Health Overview

Nova Health is a Healthcare Group that offer a turnkey solution that both collaborate and invest in companies for more than just profit and shareholder value. We intentionally invest in organizations that have the potential to make a change and tackle real world problems.

With extensive background and experience in bringing medical solutions to complex and remote environments, Nova Health bridge the operational gap between access to and need for reliable and individually tailored first class medical solutions for the international community. We drive excellence in the Remote Medicine industry sector we specialize in and seek the same with those we partner with.

Our profit drives purposeful change that benefit people, places and planet.

This ethos is in everything we do, from the way we run our business, to the support and collaboration we offer our partners and strategic alliances.

Our Market Segments


Vaccine and Healthcare Programs with Advisory Service

Corporate Sector

Oil and Gas, Mining, Infrastructure and Private Sector Clients


Humanitarian projects, UN, NATO and OSC missions including NGO support

Management Experience

Our Management Team has decades of business, entrepreneurial and deal flow experience across the sectors we operate in. The remote medicine capability of Nova references our holistic approach of collective divisions and group companies (including our strategic partners) to enable a stream of service offerings and opportunities as a whole.

During the Covid-19 pandemic our CEO, Frank Ludick participated in numerous press conferences and was interviewed by CNN about the Last-Mile services (Covid-19 vaccine inoculation programs) in developing countries. Frank handpicked his Senior Management Team over many years for their respective expertise in the remote medicine arena serving corporate sectors in Oil & Gas, Mining and Infrastructure in addition to Humanitarian mission support to the United Nations, NATO, OSCE and major NGO organizations.

Frank and his team also worked with Governments and their Agencies on healthcare programs ranging from vaccine administration to healthcare advisory services and program rollouts to assist the local Ministry of Health and complement its reach to the country’s population. We further engage in training programs to empower the local workforce and enhance the skill sets of employees from the MOH. The last-mentioned further contribute to make a change and tackle real world problems.

Ethical Leadership

At Nova, corporate governance is a way of life rather than a set of rules. Stakeholders can only derive full, sustained value from a business founded on honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency.

Nova is committed to applying good corporate governance principles in a manner that complements its entrepreneurial flair. We believe in empowering people, building relationships and improving lives. Entrepreneurship, incentivization, expert management and communication are the keys to delivering excellence and innovation in all our business spheres.

Our commitment to building and sustaining an ethical organizational culture is entrenched in our vision, mission, strategies and operations.

Our governance, risk and compliance framework continue to form the basis for how Nova manages the challenge of good governance in all operating environments. The framework shows the integration of four basic pillars, being governance, internal audit, risk management and regulatory compliance, driven by Group and divisional strategy, in compliance with legislated requirements and reported through the established structures. This framework continues to positively impact the Group, allowing the management teams to embrace Group requirements and embed these requirements into their DNA.

Our CEO’s Philosophy

Business Integrity.

Nova insists on honesty, integrity, transparency, fairness and professionalism in all aspects of its business and expects the same from its contractual partners and suppliers.

Our Employees.

We as a Company have the responsibility towards our workforce both Socially and Economically. Such responsibilities include continuous development and transfer of skills; employee incentives schemes within the Company; empower and uplifting of the local communities, to mention a few.

Recognizing that a high-quality Organization depends on the commitment and competence of employees: –

  • Nova—Shall provide all employees with good and safe conditions of work, competitive terms and conditions of service;
  • Nova—Value the individual diversity and creative potential that every man and woman brings to its business. In consequence, every employee should be treated with equal courtesy, respect and be provided with equality of opportunity to develop themselves and their careers.

Our Clients

We as a Company hold our Valued Clients interests and requirements at our highest possible standards and ethics. Furthermore, we have to our disposal of the best-qualified personnel, in their fields of specialties, to serve our Clients. It is policy of our Company to mentor and develop our next generation of leaders and therefore our Specialist Personnel are fully equipped to adhere to such development program for the benefit of our Clients and the Company.

To The Organization.
Employees, including Managers and Members, shall perform their duties diligently and efficiently, with honesty and a sense of urgency (promptness) and strive for excellence. We urge every member of our organization to pledge acceptance and ownership of this code and a determination to live this pledge.

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