Public Health Services refers to a comprehensive range of initiatives and interventions designed to promote, protect, and improve the health and well-being of communities and populations on a large scale.

These services are typically organized and implemented by governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and other public health entities. The primary goal of public health services is to prevent diseases, prolong life, and enhance overall quality of life for individuals and communities.

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Nova Public Health aims at precisely addressing essential Health Services in terms of under-vaccinated populations but also in the delivery and roll out of new immunization campaigns such as Malaria campaigns or HPV campaigns.

With a ‘One Health’ approach to surveillance that integrates Human, Animal and Ecological Health to provide earlier opportunities for outbreak detection and prevention by implementing its strategy which includes:

•  Cross-sectoral communication
•  Strengthening of Laboratory Networks
•  Restructuring of existing systems and development of shared databases
•  Ensure there are no Shortage of experienced personnel’s •  Introducing latest technological developments into the newly created infrastructures to ensure timely and accurate identification of significant threats early in their cycles.

We encompass a HOLISTIC APPROACH to vaccine management, addressing key components such as procurement, distribution, storage, monitoring, and training.

Establishing permanent healthcare facilities to provide seamless vaccine administration and continued healthcare preparedness with enhanced Public Health access to the population in the IMMEDIATE, MEDIUM and LONG TERM.

Strengthening health service delivery for the general population and expanding service delivery to refugee and host communities

We cover the gap in immunization that can potentially lead to outbreak of preventable diseases and put the population at risk and hamper overall Public Health outcomes.

Establish long term Primary Healthcare Facilities equipped with advanced Diagnostic capability to deliver a high-quality of secondary services.

Nova provides integrated interlinked solutions to deliver services to key task associated with the various project components;

24/7/365 Support – Internationally accredited and qualified medical and operational leadership team who’s standard of delivering vaccination and medical services is underpinned by rigorous quality management and safety systems.

Robust Recruitment Process with a proven ability to source and screen the highly skilled and internationally qualified medical personnel required initially according to staffing configurations and thereafter transitioning to a local staffing configuration as the project progresses to meeting its local staffing goals.

Comprehensive mobilization using industry-led best practice to project plan, implement, and manage the entire pre and post deployment of personnel and healthcare practitioners.
Established Global Supply Chain: facilitating the entire procurement and supply chain cycle that complies with both International standards and local MOH Regulations, while procuring in-country logistics (i.e. PPE, vaccines, medications, consumables, medical and non-medical equipment, first aid kits, PCR test kits, Laboratory, and diagnostics capabilities.
Adaptability to local knowledge and understanding of local regions occupational hazards and risks associated with emerging health threats and other locally endemic diseases.

Nova Health Role

A Comprehensive approach in executing all Government Health Projects.

Public Services Offered

  • Vaccines Readiness
  • Effective Vaccine Management ( EVM)
    Last Mile Service
  • Public Health
  • Sustainability &
    Green Solutions

Vaccines Readiness Assessment

Vaccine readiness assessment to identify gaps as well as to estimate the cost of vaccine deployment, with the support of international organizations.

Outlining critical elements which will be integrated to programs, and we ensure its activities are compliant with the requirements and that all activities and outcomes are coordinated into any regional monitoring and evaluation cycles (M&E Cycles) conducted, as well as aligning and harmonizing with other existing regional and national plans and global strategies, 

Considering the uncertainties related to the vaccine market, including testing, approval, availability, and pricing, which require flexibility and close monitoring during implementation, the assessment will continue to be an evolving process and will be dynamically revised and updated as necessary to improve project implementation.

Effective Vaccine Management ( EVM)Last Mile Services:

Regions facing unique challenges marked by diverse landscapes and socio-economic disparities face inherent challenges in maintaining a robust vaccine supply chain and ensuring timely last mile delivery. Bringing our expertise and by understanding the complex components involved, the current state of vaccine management is crucial for identifying gaps and implementing targeted solutions.

Cold Chain ManagementClimate Sensitive PlanningCollaboration & PartnershipsCommunity Engagement & Behavioral Changes
Storage Facilities Environmental MonitoringMulti-Sectoral CollaborationUnderstanding the Local Context
Temperature MonitoringResilient Cold ChainInternational SupportBuilding Trust
Contingency PlanningCulturally Competent Communication
Training and Capacity BuildingClimate AwarenessTraining and Capacity Building
Regulatory ComplianceCommunity Engagement & Participation
Cold Chain Equipment MaintenanceAddressing Barriers and Challenges

Public Health Preparedness

Pandemics are unpredictable as Covid-19 has clearly demonstrated, but are also undoubtedly recurring events that can have serious consequences for Human Health and Economic well-being worldwide.

Advance planning and preparedness to ensure the capacities for pandemic response are critical for countries to mitigate the risk and impact of a pandemic. Nova Strategic Alliance assess readiness of Public Health system by designing and implementing interventions to increase early identification, rapid communication and coordination across multi-disciplinary departments. This minimize the impacts that any outbreak can have at national and regional Level.

Sustainability & Green Solutions

Nova clinics are supported by Solar energy solution and additional solar e-generators to ensure constant and cost-effective access to uninterrupted health service while mitigating the impact on climate change, building resilience and advancing sustainable development goals.

Quality healthcare requires a dependable source of power. For instance, maintaining the cold chain for vaccines and medicines is essential and requires refrigeration, cold rooms and information technology (IT) systems for stock management.

Using solar power helps health facilities save money, which can be reinvested to support other priority health initiatives.

Reliable energy is also contributing to more resilient health systems. Reliable power supply ensures that core systems for the management of health programs can function effectively. Uninterrupted systems for data input and analysis contribute to efficient and accurate quantification and distribution of medicines, patient tracking, and monitoring of overall health system performance.

Preparing for and responding to public health emergencies, including natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and other crisis also plays a crucial role. This involves planning, coordination, and rapid response to protect the health and safety of the community.